Question - What is "Beyond BLF" and how do I use it?

Answer - First of all, "BLF" is an acronym for Busy Lamp Feature.

Busy Lamp Feature is a way for Hamshack Hotline users to see what other Hamshack Hotline users are currently on the system, and where they might be hanging out.

So, using 'BLF' you can see if there are active Conference Bridges, or if an RF Link extension is being used, or if there are just users listening to live Audio Stream extensions.

In addition to telling you which of these services are active, BLF tells you which users are using those services, so you can know where the latest activity is and know where to join in.

On one screen, we just display the active extensions, without any further information. That screen is located HERE.

On the second screen, we display the Conference Room extensions, the live streaming Audio extensions, and the RF Link extensions, shown in the example below.

The second screen is located HERE.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to one of our HH engineers.

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